Introducing the Fluent SmartExam™, the Next Innovation in the Telehealth Revolution

Introducing the Fluent SmartExam™, the Next Innovation in the Telehealth Revolution

PRINCETON, NJ -- Fluent Health, an emerging leader in digital-first healthcare, announces the launch of the Fluent SmartExam™, a new FDA-cleared medical tool that puts the power of medical exams in the hands of consumers so they can easily and accurately have data at their fingertips to help monitor, diagnose and treat their health through an elevated telehealth experience with their physician.

While telehealth was used by segments of the population prior to 2020, the pandemic has created a lasting shift in usage and attitudes around remote health care. Recent data from McKinsey & Company shows that telehealth usage is now 38% higher than pre-pandemic, and 40% of Americans intend to continue using it. But both consumers and physicians want a broader set of virtual care solutions to ensure optimal diagnosis and treatment. 

Given the recent impact of the pandemic, many Americans realize that they need to be more proactive about their health on a regular basis,” said Dr. Richard Harris, M.D., PharmD, MBA and Medical Advisor to Fluent. I was an early adopter of telemedicine and value tools like the Fluent SmartExam™ because of how it motivates the patient to participate in their health care and because of the confidence it gives me in remote care.”

A breakthrough in connecting diagnostics, care and treatment 

Intuitive and easy-to-use, the Fluent SmartExam™is designed to conduct a series of clinical medical exams, and features a stethoscope, IR thermometer, otoscope and oximeter, putting the power of medical exams in the palm of consumers’ hands. The device is powered by N9 technology developed by Med-Tech start-up Nonagon, known for its category leading technology for remote examinations and medical visits. Through the platform integration, the SmartExam pairs with the user’s smartphone and the Nonagon app to securely send the exam data immediately to a physician. The Fluent SmartExam™ is FDA-cleared, HIPAA compliant and has earned its CE Mark.

We are excited to launch this direct-to-consumer product that not only advances medical technology, but more importantly makes healthcare more accessible,” said Josh Ghaim, Ph.D., Chairman of Nonagon and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ignite Venture Studio. The Fluent SmartExam™ fills an unmet need in the marketplace by offering convenience, accurate data collection and a fully secure, encrypted experience.”

Pilot program provides access to early users 

The Fluent SmartExam™ is launching via a specialized pilot program in March 2022. Residents of California, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington are eligible to purchase the Fluent SmartExam Pilot Package that includes the device and two virtual care visits for $149.00, with the option to purchase additional care visits a la carte as needed. 

Upon completion of the early access pilot, Fluent plans to make the SmartExam available for purchase nationwide where all SmartExam patients will be able to share their exams with their own physicians. Patients will also have the option to virtually connect with a network of adult and pediatric primary care physicians with a monthly or annual membership. 

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