Medicine Cabinet Essentials - Simplified 

Medicine Cabinet Essentials - Simplified 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever opened the medicine cabinet, only to be greeted with a sudden avalanche of boxes and bottles rushing down from overstocked shelves?

Ohhh... that’s a lot of hands. 

Well, we know the feeling. In the same way that spring cleaning can feel so cathartic, simplifying your medicine cabinet is a great way to clear out the unnecessary. No more picking up boxes from the floor every time you need a cough drop. It’s time to create space, clear those shelves, and simplify! 

What are the most essential items to have in a medicine cabinet?

The staples of any medicine cabinet should be remedies for the most common ailments we might encounter throughout the year. These will look a little different for everyone depending on whether or not you suffer from seasonal allergies,  experience digestive issues, or suffer conditions like heartburn frequently.  

Top 10 Medicine Cabinet Essentials:

  • Mucus Relief
    • Congestion is messy and can lead to headaches, making mucus an even more uncomfortable experience. 
    • Save up to 40% with Fluent Mucus Relief when compared to Mucinex.
  • Band-aids 
    • Make them fun (especially for kids) by picking your favorite colors and designs.
    • Check out this Pinterest collection for inspiration! 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • To sterilize fresh cuts
    • Less painful than alcohol on cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • Children’s Fever and Pain Relief

It’s important to understand the difference between fever and pain relievers for children. How do you know when to choose Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?

Dr. Richard Harris, MD, pharmD, MBA of our Medical Advisory Board explains: 

“Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are often interchangeable to us, but there are differences in their ideal use and possible adverse effects.  People with liver issues or alcohol abuse issues should avoid acetaminophen, while those with heart disease, kidney disease, or stomach ulcers/acid reflux need to use ibuprofen with caution.  Because of their mechanisms of action, acetaminophen is better for the reduction of temperature and pain/body aches that occur acutely.  Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory better suited for reducing inflammation, but can also work for pain and fever.  The medications can be taken together and studies show that the combination of the two is a very effective pain reliever.” 

  • Allergy Reliever
    • These come in several different forms: antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids, and others
    • Check with your doctor to find a solution that works for you
    • Learn more about the various options available for allergy relief
  • Antacid
    • These help with indigestion and heartburn
    • Popular brands include Tums and Rolaids
  • A thermometer
    • Essential for monitoring the seriousness of any fever
    • Learn about our 4 in 1 SmartExam device that includes a thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, and oximeter. It allows you to take advantage of telehealth technology from the comfort of home! 

The ultimate device to simplify your medicine cabinet

When it comes to saving space and getting more bang for your buck, there’s nothing better than a 2 in 1 combo. 

Well actually... there is! 

The Fluent SmartExam device is a home health tool designed to perform multiple exams, all in a single, convenient, handheld device paired with your smartphone. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, enabling you to consult virtually with a doctor from the comfort of home. 

The Fluent
SmartExam device includes:

  • A Stethoscope: 
    • So you can capture respiratory sounds
    • You can monitor heart activity
    • Easily record abdominal sounds
  • An IR Thermometer
    • To record body temperature
  • An Otoscope
    • For examining the inner ear canal
  • An Oximeter
    • Check saturation level (SpO2)
    • Measure pulse rate
  • Links to your Smartphone Camera so you can:
    • Photograph mouth and throat
    • Photograph skin

Stay stocked and be ready for anything

Making sure you’re stocked with the basics is like doing yourself a big favor when you start to feel unwell. A quick reach into an organized cabinet is all it takes to find effective relief. Best of all, with Fluent, you can restock with ease at the click of a button and have what you need delivered straight to your door with significant savings. This year, keep things easy and admire a more organized, simplified medicine cabinet with the essential items that will keep you feeling well - and always prepared for entering recovery mode.