Reimagining Proactive Care

It’s time we get proactive about our health. 45% of Americans 18-29 and 28% of Americans 30-49 years old do not have a primary care doctor.* How and where we take care of our health has evolved, but the role of proactive care is more important today than ever before. We believe it should be easy to have the support and tools to prioritize your health every single day, in your own hands, and on your own terms. And, to have a plan for when sickness inevitably comes, so you can get better, faster.

Modernizing the Approach

We’re connecting the dots via an integrated model that eliminates waiting rooms and wading through cluttered medicine aisles. And in our new world of online everything, we’re here to fill the gap between virtual care and clinical care — elevating an old ecosystem with new, connected solutions.

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Creating Inclusive Access

22% percent** of Americans didn't go to a doctor or seek medical care when they were sick last year because of cost. Our simple, affordable and science-backed approach is designed to make getting well and staying well within reach — for everyone. 

*Kaiser Family Foundation 2018 Health Tracking Poll
**Bankrate National Survey March 2020

Science is our second language.

At Fluent, we want to help you feel confident about you and your family’s health. That’s why we’re serious about giving you tools that are grounded in real science vs. guessing games or hopeful claims. And we do that with simple, easy, and guided help that never feels sterile or hard to understand — so you can speak the language too.

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From our technology partners to our team of medical experts, you’re in trusted hands.

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    Nonagon is on a mission to create new opportunities for better healthcare. Based out of Israel and Boston, Nonagon is making digital care more accessible globally through innovative, easy-to-use technology. With a focus on family, pediatric and chronic communities, Nonagon is revolutionizing how people everywhere seek care and treatment.