How we help you get well, and stay well.

  • Immunity

    Science-backed essentials to help keep you in good health.

  • Health Monitoring

    Stay on top of your health, anytime, anywhere with the Fluent SmartExam™.

  • Diagnosis & Virtual Care

    Get care from US Board Certified physicians when you need it.

  • Symptom Relief

    Physician-trusted, FDA-approved, affordable relief.

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Keeping your immune system in fighting shape is where it all begins. With our science-backed 10 Day Power Pack, reset and recharge with a routine that’s easy to follow and even easier to trust.

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Health Monitoring

With the SmartExam, you can conduct medical exams and securely share them with a virtual care physician, empowering you with the knowledge and ability to track changes as they come.

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Diagnosis & Virtual Care

Securely share remote medical exams with a virtual care physician and a schedule a visit for diagnosis, care and treatment all from the comfort of home.

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Symptom Relief

A better way to browse the medicine aisle. We’ve simplified over-the-counter symptom relief so it’s easier to get well. And if you need an Rx after your Fluent Virtual Care visit, the doctor will send it to your local pharmacy.

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