Proactive care, for everyone.

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be an afterthought. We’ve integrated immunity, health monitoring, virtual care, and treatment — helping you stay well and get well anytime, anywhere.
  • Guidance

    Helpful support for your everyday health.

  • Ease

    Essentials that remove the guesswork.

  • Accessibility

    Because wellbeing should be available to all.

  • Scientific Proof

    The backbone of all our wellbeing offerings.

  • Health Fluency

    Care for yourself, and your family, with confidence.

Health Monitoring & Virtual Care, Reimagined.

Introducing the Fluent SmartExam™, powered by Nonagon. An intuitive and easy-to-use device, making it simple to conduct medical exams remotely and share them with a virtual care physician via your smartphone for clinically accurate care, anytime, anywhere.


We take science seriously.

No kitchen cocktails or marketing deceptions here. All of our products are rigorously lab tested to ensure 100% safety and effectiveness and fully supported by a network of Board-certified physicians. Plus, all our medicine is FDA-approved and the SmartExam FDA-cleared.

With you in sickness, and in health.

We believe everyone should have the tools they need to put well-being first. Now, it’s within arm’s reach. With our simple, science-backed selection of immunity and over-the-counter symptom relief, paired with virtual exam and care technology, we’re here to help you be well with confidence and ease. 

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